Vietnam sets up a unified system of integrated eco-monitoring


1 April, 2024

Vietnam intends to develop a unified system of integrated environmental monitoring, which will allow to observe the state of the environment and control biodiversity in nature reserves. This was reported by the Vietnam News Agency.

The new system will record parameters important for assessing the quality of the environment, which will enable specialists to more accurately predict the development of the environmental situation. In the coming years, environmental services will install 18 additional stations for continuous automatic air quality monitoring and create 31 systems for comprehensive environmental analysis. Particular attention will be paid to regions that play a key role in the country's economic development and produce industrial waste of different groups.

The program is in line with the national environmental monitoring plan for the period up to 2030 with the prospect of extension to 2050, which was approved by Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha of the Republic of Vietnam.


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