Medieval castle under hotel discovered by archaeologists in France


2 April, 2024

Archaeologists from the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) of France have unearthed the remains of a medieval castle on the territory of a modern hotel in the town of Vannes in the Brittany region. This is reported by Mir 24.

 From X to XVI century Brittany was a feudal state, which appeared after the expulsion of the Vikings. The found fortress was the property of Jean de Montfort IV. The study of the preserved latrines showed that people lived in the castle up to and including the XVI century.

 Archaeologists also discovered the ground floor of the duke's residence, the remains of a tower overlooking the outer moat, and small artefacts. These included pots, knives, pans, coins, buckles from clothes and shoes, and keys.

 The medieval castle was 42 metres long and 17 metres wide, and its walls were 5.5 metres thick. Inside, several staircases, mouldings and decorated door jambs have been preserved. Researchers noted that when building the fortress, the architects combined defensive and residential functions.

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