Marmalade and jams in the EU will become more fruity


16 April, 2024


The European Union has adopted a new law that will make breakfast foods healthier.

The new rules set a minimum fruit content in jams and marmalades.

Now, to prepare them, manufacturers must use at least 450 grams of fruit per kilogram of the finished product and 500 grams per kilogram for jam in the “extra” category.

In addition, natural fruit juices were allowed to be labelled “contains only natural sugars.” For juices from which at least 30% of natural sugars have been removed - “reduced sugar fruit juice”. However, in the latter case, manufacturers cannot use sweeteners to compensate for the effect of sugar deficiency on the taste, texture and quality of the juice.

Under the new rules, all honey imported into the EU will also be labelled with the country of origin.

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