The international magazine “Diplomatic World” launches an exclusive business catalog for Turkmen companies


The international magazine "Diplomatic World", based in the heart of Europe - Brussels, announces the launch of an innovative project: an exclusive business catalogue published under the well-known brand "Diplomatic World". This special issue will be dedicated exclusively to the private sector in Turkmenistan.

According to the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Belgium, the catalog sets an ambitious goal - to strengthen the recognition of the dynamically developing and competitive Turkmen private sector and companies in the European market, contribute to their successful positioning and attract the attention of European investors.

From 20 to 25 leading Turkmen companies from various sectors of the economy will be represented in the catalogue. "Diplomatic World" strives to open new horizons for their development and expansion in Europe.

Thousands of copies of the catalogue will be distributed among key representatives of business circles and business communities in Europe. It will also be available in Turkmen diplomatic missions across the continent, becoming an indispensable tool for establishing contacts and cooperation with European business.

"Diplomatic World" is an authoritative quarterly publication in digital and print formats covering politics, diplomacy, business, finance, arts and culture. With an exclusive audience including heads of state, ambassadors, EU representatives and business leaders, the magazine is a powerful channel for high-level engagement.

The edition “Diplomatic World” invites companies and representatives of the private sector of Turkmenistan to co-operate in the framework of this unique project.

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