Turkmen artists presented their works at the exhibition “Women’s Universe of the Turkic World” in Bishkek


10 June, 2024

From June 6 to 8, the National Museum of Fine Arts named after G.Aitiev in Bishkek hosted the exhibition “Women’s Universe of the Turkic World.”

It presented 62 works by outstanding 15 women artists from Turkic countries: Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

At the vernissage, Turkmenistan was represented by participants of international exhibitions in UK (2005), India (2013), and the Russian Federation (2012, 2014,2018) Aynagozel Nuryeva and Hatyja Amansahedova.

The exhibition included products of traditional crafts and exhibits of contemporary art. The guests presented carpet weaving, embroidery, artistic printmaking, as well as painting, sculpture and graphics.

The exhibition demonstrated the contribution of Turkic women to the arts and cultural life of society.

It should be noted that a special catalog has been published for the exhibition. It is assumed that the vernissage may also take place in other Turkic countries.

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