Kazakhstan is developing an alternative route to Afghanistan via Turkmenistan



Kazakhstan plans to increase trade turnover with Afghanistan from $1 billion to $3 billion by developing an alternative route through Turkmenistan. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin, Trend reports.

“Currently, trade turnover with Afghanistan is about $1 billion. The goal is to reach $3 billion. This is impossible without logistical preparations. Currently, the main route to Afghanistan is through Uzbekistan, but an alternative route through Turkmenistan is also being developed,” Zhumangarin said.

The development of a new route through Turkmenistan is aimed at strengthening trade ties between Kazakhstan and Afghanistan, which will diversify logistics chains and reduce dependence on current routes. This will also open up new opportunities for economic cooperation and development of transport infrastructure in the region.

Why through Turkmenistan?

The choice of Turkmenistan as an alternative route is due to several factors:

Strategic location: Turkmenistan occupies an advantageous geographical location, making it a natural transit corridor between Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Developed transport infrastructure: The presence of a modern transport network, including railways, roads, seaports and airports, allows for efficient logistics and shorter delivery times.

Stable transport corridors: Turkmenistan invests in the development and maintenance of transport corridors, which makes routes through the country reliable and safe.

Economic benefits: Using the route through Turkmenistan can reduce transport costs and increase the profitability of trade with Afghanistan.

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