School No.10 in Turkmenbashi city is recognized as the most energy efficient school


The awarding ceremony for the most energy-efficient school in Turkmenbashi city was held today as part of the “European Union – Turkmenistan: Sustainable Energy Days” campaign.

Among secondary schools in the city, school No. 10 was recognized as the most energy efficient. School teachers, students, parents, representatives of the EU and UNDP in Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Education and the Turkmenbashi city administration gathered at a gala event to celebrate the school's achievements.

“This award from the European Union is, above all, recognition of the contribution of teachers to the development of children's skills in the careful and rational use of natural resources, protection of the environment and the planet. I warmly congratulate the school, its teachers and pupils on this outstanding achievement. Spread the word and inspire others by your example. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors about the importance of saving energy. By using energy more efficiently, we are building a brighter and healthier future for all of us,” noted the EU Ambassador to Turkmenistan, Ms. Beata Peksa, in her speech.

After the award ceremony, an environmental action was held for schoolchildren. It included an introductory lecture “Nature is our common home”, mini-sports competitions and a bike ride to promote environmentally friendly modes of transport, as well as a tree planting ceremony, during which children and guests planted trees together, thereby contributing to the greening of Turkmenistan and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Energy Days take place in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi from 27 April to 3 May 2024 and aim to raise awareness among national stakeholder groups and the general public, including youth and schoolchildren, about energy efficiency, renewable energy and the relationship between energy and climate change.

The campaign is implemented by the EU within the framework of the project “Sustainable Energy Connections in Central Asia (SECCA)” together with the UN Development Program project “Sustainable Cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated Development of Green Cities in Ashgabat and Avaza”, with the support of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Education and the Administration of the city of Turkmenbashi .

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